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Canadian Giant Monsters Kick Your Ass

Illustration for article titled Canadian Giant Monsters Kick Your Ass

We're looking forward to The Beast of Bottomless Lake, a Canadian flick about the giant snakey Ogopogo creature that lurks in the bottom of Lake Okanagan in British Colombia. It's the tale of a lonely cryptozoologist who has lost his university job and just wants to win the $2 million bounty offered for incontrovertible proof that the Ogopogo monster exists. With his ragtag team of weirdos he plunges into a hunt for the creature, and the whole thing is captured documentary-style by a film student. The trailer is completely bonkers (in a good way), and is packed with lovely Canadian accents. [The Beast of Bottomless Lake] Thanks, Avery Monster-Sensei Guerra!


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Canadian accent. Riiiiight.

Canada is a country significantly larger than the US, but because no one can be bothered to read a book, or look at a map, they lump every accent together and call it Canadian. Worse - they think that Eastern Maritime Canadian is the standard accent here.

The first guy speaking was a Native Canadian.

The second guy sounds like he's originally from the Maritimes but moved to Eastern BC.

All Canadians do not sound like Maritimers, just as all Americans do not sound like Texans.