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Canada's Getting Its Own Superhero Universe

Credit: Chapterhouse Comics
Credit: Chapterhouse Comics

Justin Trudeau won’t be the only Canadian with his face on the cover of a multi-superhero comic book saga. Chapterhouse Comics is getting in on the game with its own superhero universe.


Chapterhouse made the announcement this weekend at Fan Expo in Toronto. According to Comic Book Resources, Chapterhouse Comics is going to expand its line of Canadian superheroes with several new series as part of a single universe.

Chapterhouse has already been doing pretty well with the revival of all-Canadian hero Captain Canuck, and he’s set to do a crossover with Pitiful Human-Lizard. Fantomah, the public domain superheroine and first credited female comic book character with superpowers, is going to be added to his series.


In addition, we’re getting a spinoff called Agents of Pact, about an all-woman super team featuring Red Coat and Kébec. Plus, they’re bringing back Freelance, the classic Canadian superhero who emerged on the scene after the WWII ban on non-essential American goods, including comic books. Freelance was part of Canada’s Golden Age of Comics, battling Axis enemies in the name of glorious Canada.

I’m also hoping they bring Sasquatch and Beaver Boy into the universe, two of the most spectacularly Canadian superheroes ever.

It doesn’t seem like Chapterhouse’s comic book universe would ever intersect with American comics, but it would be awesome to see Deadpool channel his self-proclaimed Canadian roots in a crossover. After all, they gave us Justin Trudeau, I think we owe them one.

Chapterhouse Comics’ new superhero universe launches in 2017.

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