While America is wasting its time still trying to justify why we still make pennies, Canada is hard at work celebrating the most iconic superhero of all time. The Royal Canadian Mint has announced the release of seven special coins to commemorate Superman's 75th anniversary, worth anywhere from $29.75 to $750 Canadian.

Here are the seven coins with their values:

• A $10 silver coin, showing vintage Superman:

• A $15 silver coin, showing modern-day Superman:

• A $20 fine silver coin, called "Man of Steel" and featuring a Jim Lee Superman:

• A $20 fine silver coin, showing Superman's S-shield:

• A $20 fine silver "Metropolis" coin with a hologram featuring Superman flying above the city

• A lenticular 50-cent coin and stamp set where Superman "transforms" from classic to modern

• A $75, 14-karat gold "The Early Years" coin featuring Joe Shuster's Superman from issue #1:

You can order them all here while supplies last (a few of them are limited).

Now, as you might suspect, these cost slightly more than their values — the holographic 50-cent piece and stamp set is at the bottom at only $29.75 Canadian, while the $75 gold coin tops the list at $750 (yes, 10 times the price of the coin).


Still, it's nice that Canada can be bothered to celebrate the 75th anniversary of one of the 20th century's most popular and enduring characters, as well as the Canadian (Shuster) who co-created him. So how is America honoring Superman's American co-creator Jerry Siegel? Oh well, I guess it's better than nothing.