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Canada Needs (Space)Men. And Women.

Illustration for article titled Canada Needs (Space)Men. And Women.

If you're Canadian and want to spend a few months in space, then you could be in luck, eh. (No, I can't really believe that I went there, either. Sorry.) Our friends in the North are on the lookout for two good people who'd be interested in getting away from it all for six months, and the only qualifications necessary to apply are your nationality, a science degree and a head for heights.


Over 3700 people have already applied for the final two positions in Canada's four-strong team to spend half a year aboard the International Space Station on a research mission. Canada's Chief Astronaut Steve MacLean explains what qualities the ideal applicant should have:

[We're looking to find out h]ow trainable the individuals are. To be an astronaut requires a versatile set of skills and we need to find out in an individual can multitask, has good situational awareness ... and good hand-eye co-ordination... Is the individual a happy camper and a good team player? Does he or she get along well with a group?


If it wasn't seeming enough like the kind of job interview you've already been on multiple times in your life, MacLean then adds the ultimate cliche:

We want to get individuals who are looking at this as a career.

Yes, that's right; if you were hoping to spend six months about a multi-billion dollar piece of space hardware just for shits and giggles, turns out this isn't for you. Wait until Richard Branson gets Virgin Galactic going and apply for a job then, I guess.

Canada seeks super-fit geniuses to fill space program vacancies []

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"[We're looking to find out h]ow trainable the individuals are."

Trainables? Haha I knew Canadians were all retarded.