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Can You Survive To The End Of This Interactive Zombie Movie?

After a battle with a zombie, John may have become infected with the zombie virus. The first symptom, memory loss, appears within five minutes of exposure to the virus. Can you perform a series of tasks quickly enough to ensure that he retains his memory and doesn't turn?


Five Minutes is an interactive short film written and directed by Maximilian Niemann. While watching the film, you're prompted to perform a series of tasks with your cursor (or finger if you're on a touch screen) to move the memories involved in the film forward. We've seen interactive zombie films that ask you to make choices and then shows you the consequences of those choices, but what Five Minutes does is a little bit different. The simple tasks force the viewer to engage with the film while highlighting the importance of memory—something that proves valuable as the film moves toward its final confrontation.

Five Minutes isn't embeddable, but you can watch/play the interactive short over at its website.


Five Minutes [via Short of the Week]

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It was interesting and a neat idea for a game, but the twist at the end kind of invalidates the story.