These may look like typical landscape photographs, but hidden inside each one is a sniper with a gun pointed at the camera lens.

The German Army provided photographer Simon Menner with two snipers for his Project Camouflage series, which puts the viewer in the crosshairs of an apparently invisible military professional. Menner has provided clues to the location of the sniper in each image. For example, in the top image:

Sniper above the brownish rotten wood. Slightly to the right. Spotter behind him to the left.

If you're still stumped, however, the Guardian has kindly circled the position of the sniper in each of these photographs, and you can see the snipers' hiding places on their website.

Menner also recently published a rather fascinating looking book, Top Secret: Images from the Stasi Archives, which collects photos he unearthed on the East German secret police and his research into their activities. Thanks to Menner for letting us feature these photos here.


Camouflage [Simon Menner via The Guardian]

There is a bigger boulder in the lower left corner. Sniper is straight up from there, where the color of the stones changes from light to dark.


Sniper under a moss cover. Left half of the image, behind a small tree with a bent trunk.


Sniper on the right side, behind the grass and below the small trees in the foreground.

Sniper under the twigs and branches on the left.


Sniper slightly right of the center of the image in the grass.

Fake emplacement left side of the image. Sniper in the gap between the trees on the right side.


Sniper left side of the small tree with blossoms.


Sniper behind the sapling in the left center of the image.