Mark Millar's tale of time-travel shenanigans Chrononauts is just one of the few new comics out today — but it's the only one that has a pretty nifty optical illusion hidden in the cover that only a certain number of people will see. Can you?

Here's the full cover below, but so you don't spend too much time trying to figure out where exactly it is, I'll let you know now: Focus on the watch face on the left side.


You should be able to see one of two things:

A) A broken watch face, or

B) A Green Hourglass.

If you can't see the green hourglass, don't strain yourself too hard trying to focus it into existence for you — only 1 in 15 people can apparently make it out. The illusion is a form of synesthesia, where only a certain way your brain is wired will let you see the inherent colours of the hourglass in the watch face. Here's Chrononauts artist Sean Gordon Murphy on creating the illusion:


The Left brain/Right Brain myth really will never go away, will it? But either way, a nifty bit of visual trickery that turns a comic book cover into something a little special is all good in our books.


[via The Daily Dot]