We just can't get enough of Shane Acker's 9 breathtaking robot revolution and carnage, but just for today, lets take a closer look at the little rag-dolls who grew out of humanity's annihilation, with a collection of new stills.

As you can see our rag-doll hero is holding some sort of odd green glowing ball that seems to be the source of something — let's just go ahead and assume life, because isn't that what green always represents?


Honestly, this whole film 9, about the end of humankind and the birth of nine new rag-doll people, has me totally thrown for a loop. And I love it. I'd rather not have the ending spoiled just yet, I have a feeling it's going to be a fun Burton-esque twist. Below are new stills from MTV, The Anime Blog and Buzznet. Click on the image to see the additional exclusive images.


And the first picture is of the crazed rag doll, was he busted during his creation period or was he just made nuts? Which can be viewed in higher quality at Entertainment Weekly.

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