Can You Keep Ally Sheedy's Secret?

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's morning spoilers is all about television, including some stuff that won't come to pass until next fall. Find out which regular character may not be back on Heroes next year, and which surprising cast member will make a return appearance on Doctor Who. We also have some new hints about next year's Stargate: Atlantis. Oh, and Ally Sheedy has a secret she needs your help keeping. Click through for spoilers.

  • Heroes may or may not feature Kristen Bell's Elle when it returns next fall. She's not signed for season three, but the producers are talking to her about coming back for an "arc" during the season. [Ask Ausiello]
  • Fans snooping around during the filming of the Doctor Who fourth season finale report that not only is Rose back, but so is her dad, her mom and her (ex?) boyfriend Mickey. That's in addition to Captain Jack, Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane and maybe the Doctor's (fake) daughter. [Tardis_Crossing]
  • But other fans suggest that maybe Captain Jack will meet Rose, but the Doctor won't? [Time And Chips]
  • And finally, some fans speculate (hope?) that the Doctor and Rose will settle down to raise the Doctor's daughter and start populating a new Gallifrey. It'll be all cozy! [SunnyTyler001]
  • Spoilers for some upcoming Stargate: Atlantis episodes: in the fourth season finale, Sheppard has gotten sent over 40,000 years into the future, but a significantly aged McKay appears via hologram and explains he has a plan to send Sheppard back, and undo a future that went horribly wrong. In season five episode three, Ronon gets reunited with his friend Tyre, who's broken free from his brainwashing. But the Wraith capture Ronon, so the Atlantis team has to face the possibility that the Wraith could turn Ronon into another Wraith worshipper. During the course of the Wraith torture, Ronon loses his signature dreadlocks. [Gateworld]
  • On the Kyle XY season finale airing March 10, Ally Sheedy asks Kyle to keep her identity a secret. If I met Ally Sheedy, I would have to blab to everyone I know, and most of the people I didn't. Actually, Ally's big secret is the fact that her character is the mother of Jessi XX, Kyle's female counterpart. Oh, and there's prom angst. [Turkey Whisperer]

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