Can you identify all the great fantasy writers celebrated in this sexy pin-up art?

Here's your chance to appreciate some alluring pin-up art inspired by a dozen of the greatest fantasy and science fiction authors — and do some good. Every year, Lee Moyer puts out a "Check These Out" calendar of literary pin-ups, with the proceeds going to charity. And the 2013 calendar is entirely dedicated to some brilliant authors of genre fiction.

Check out our exclusive first glimpse inside the 2013 calendar above — how many authorial shout-outs can you identify in there?


The 2013 Check These Out calendar is raising money for Worldbuilders, which in turn has raised over a million dollars in the past four years for Heifer International, a charity that donates livestock to communities facing starvation. The 2013 calendar is available for preorder for just $20 at The Tinker's Packs.

Each month, the calendar will be based on the work of a different fantasy or science fiction author. And here's the cover of the calendar, which lists all of the authors whose works Moyer is paying tribute to this time around. Click to enlarge:

And finally, here's a snippet from the 2012 calendar, which was based on classic works of literature. The Scarlet Letter will never be the same again:


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