Can You Guess The Hidden Meanings of These Minimalist Star Wars Posters?

Artist Nick Barclay, who made a series of movie posters using only circles, is back with minimalist character posters for Star Wars. Using only three colors, Barclay has tried to make posters that are instantly identifiable

Here are some of the posters, with Barclay’s explanations at the bottom. See if you caught all the references.


Barclay’s explanations, as he sent them to us:

Luke Skywalker:

The circles represent the force and the two side represent the dark side and the light side.

Darth Vader:

The lines represent the front of his mask.

Bobba Fett:

The circles and the dots represent him being a bounty hunter and tracking his target.

Han Solo:

The squares represents him doing the “kessel run in 12 parsecs” which is what he boast about.


the small triangles represent him being small and his ears... there are loads of them to show how wise he is ( the wisdom of many people)

Princess Leia:

the colours are from her outfit when she is tied up to Jabba the Hutt and the shape represents her buns in her hair she is famous for.


See the rest of the posters here.

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