Can You Guess The Drunkest Day Of 2014?

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Hint: It wasn't Superbowl Sunday.

Recently, the company behind BACtrack portable breathalyzers released a report based on anonymized data collected from its users. The analysis offers some fascinating insights into patterns of alcohol consumption in the U.S. – including the days of the year when Americans were most drunk.


According to the report, Americans consume the most alcohol during the winter months. The average recorded BAC was above 0.06% on nearly 75% of days between December 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014. By comparison, average BAC exceeded 0.06% on only half of the remaining days.

Contributing to winter's overall crapulence are several days of peak drunkenness. According to the report, "14 of the 15 biggest drinking days of the year, all of which have an average BAC of 0.08% or higher, fall between December and March." The following visualization gives you a big-picture view of drinking patterns between November 3, 2013 and December 6, 2014. Can you find the drunkest day of all? (Hint: It's not labeled.) Keep scrolling for the answer.

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Notable dates include the day after Valentine's day (0.092%); Super Bowl Weekend (February 1st and 2nd, with BACs of 0.090% and 0.091%, respectively); and, the only non-winter day, May 3rd – the Saturday before Cinco de Mayo (0.090%). But the Drunkest Day of 2014? That title goes to Sunday, March 15th (the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day), which had an average BAC reading of 0.094%. Here's the full list of drunkest dates, in chronological order:

December 6, 2013: 0.087%

December 7, 2013: 0.088%

December 31, 2013 (NYE): 0.094%

January 18th, 2014: 0.090%

January 19th, 2014: 0.088%

January 25th, 2014: 0.093%

February 1st, 2014: (Superbowl Weekend): 0.090%

February 2nd, 2014: (Superbowl Weekend): 0.091%

February 15th, 2014: (Day After V-Day): 0.092%

March 7th, 2014: 0.088%

March 8th, 2014: 0.088%

March 14th (St. Patrick's Day Weekend): 0.087%

March 15th, 2014 (St. Patrick's Day Weekend): 0.094%

May 3rd, 2014 (Weekend Before Cinco de Mayo): 0.090%

That said, 2014 isn't over. You may have noticed that New Year's Eve 2013 also registered an average BAC reading of 0.094%. If history repeats itself, March 15th, 2014 will find itself in a two-way tie with December 31, 2014 for drunkest day of the year.

[ BACtrack Consumption Report via WaPo]

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