Can You Explain Lost? Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku Attempts To

What does an expert brain think about Lost, and can Michio Kaku explain those equations that Mrs. Hawking was caught scribbling in the basement of that church? Popular Mechanics grabbed a hold of Kaku's brain and shook it around until he promised us some answers.

Which, as per usual, lead to more questions. For example, Kaku speculates that the equations are probabilities from quantum mechanics "The only reason you'd be interested in probability is because you want to calculate radiation effect," says Kaku. "And radiation has to do with the stability of the wormhole. Say a flashlight was to go through a wormhole. It would go into the past, but [its] photons don't disappear; they go back in a second time, and go back in and in and in like a circle, until it builds up and the whole thing blows up." Brain, destroyed. [Popular Mechanics]


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So here's my problem with time travel. The concept infers that time is a location that can be reached, a place where you can go. For me, all of the energy and matter in the universe is currently being used to create my current experience of reality. To suggest that it would be possible to relocate to another time would require a either duplication of the same amount of energy and matter or that there is already an unaccounted amount of energy at play. Of course, the corrolary of that belief is that if time travel is possible then all possible time periods are currently in existence in some form and are currently apportioned their requisite amount of the total. So, I guess its either completely impossible, or totally doable. What was my question?