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Can This Armor Make Iron Man Cool Again?

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Iron Man flexes with a Transformers-y attitude in this new pic. The May 2008 movie will need all the cool points it can get, with Robert Downey Jr. starring as the unpopular comic-book character. [Superhero Hype]
More news, including a Dark Knight poster and Heroes spoilers, after the jump.

Illustration for article titled Can This Armor Make Iron Man Cool Again?
  • The first teaser poster for Batman: The Dark Knight leaked onto the net, and... it's boring. Oh well.[IESB]
  • Flatliners may be getting a spin-off TV series, says writer Stephen Susco. The cool-but-dated thriller doesn't seem to lend itself to an episodic format on the face of it. Would a different person have a near-death experience every week? [Bloody Disgusting]
  • KITT, the smooth-talking smart car from the original Knight Rider, may have a cameo in the new version. There's a photo, and... it looks like an old car. Maybe the two cars can team up for a mission that no one car can handle alone, like... umm... transporting six people without having anyone sit in someone's lap? [Spoiler TV]
  • Still more Heroes gossip: Niki's naughty alter ego Jessica will definitely be back whenever the show returns. But the show's writers and producers are still "up in the air" about whether Nathan Petrelli will survive. Also, there's widespread speculation that HRG (Claire's dad) shot Nathan, as part of his deal with the Company. [Watch With Kristin]

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