Illustration for article titled Can The Rock save the emTerminator/em franchise? Do you even want him to?

The news of Paramount's purchase of the Terminator franchise was met with a resounding "just let it die already." But how does adding The Rock, a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson make you feel? Bewildered? Betrayed? Is ANYONE EXCITED ABOUT THIS MOVIE?


WWE Examiner is reporting that Dwayne Johnson is being heavily courted to join the Terminator franchise. We can only assume it will be as a Terminator, otherwise why would you cast someone who is built like a brick shithouse? The source even says production could start as early as this January. Jesus that's soon; let's hope they have a better story than "magical orphan and her bag of never-ending timely props helps Kyle Reese."

So I turn to you, dear readers — how do you fix this franchise?


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