Can The Children Of Men Escape From New York?

Our hero Snake PlisskenParsifal busts the world's last fertile woman out of a maximum security facility staffed by knights in armor armed with laser crossbows (pew! pew!) in this awesome sequence from Italian post-apocalyptic masterpiece 2019: After The Fall Of New York.

There's been a nuclear holocaust ("They baked the Big Apple," one character remarks) and now New York is full of punk-rock mutants, whom the ruling Eurasian bastards hunt on horseback. There hasn't been a child born in nearly 20 years, but this woman with the awesomely feathered hair has viable eggs, so the rebels want to spirit her away to Alpha Centauri with a whole host of virile men. (But via test tube, not the old-fashioned way.) This clip also includes the great sequence when the evil cyborg leader gets a new eyeball, with crushed ice on his face, because... well, just because, okay? Anyway, final proof the post-apocalyptic genre has gained a bit more dignity since 1983.


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Very funny. I love when the evil henchwoman comes into the room and announces "We have to catch them". Really? Ya think so? It's a good thing you're here to keep us on track. And who would have thought that to Escape From New York all you needed was a step boost from your buddy. You would have thought that they would have made the walls just a tad higher.