This week is the first half of a major two-parter for Heroes. The show is throwing out even more curveballs than usual, starting with Sylar getting all personal with Veronica Mars, and ending with a kick-ass cameo by Seth Green and Breckin Meyer. Also snuggle up with aliens and take in some ape movies, while television takes a breather during the holiday.Monday: Sarah gets close to the Turk in tonight's all-new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Honestly I'm still reeling from the "maybe I'm not from the same future as you" craziness that Derek Reese unloaded last week. SCC is on Fox at 8 PM. Clip From SCC:

Clip From SCC:

Promo For SCC:

Nerd-playa Chuck is juggling one too many ladies, so obviously one of them is going to become evil and force a blonde angry spy to kick the brunette's adorable little keister. Yup, it's yet another chick fight over at Chuck at NBC on 8 PM. Chuck Promo:

Heroes goes dark in a two-parter starting tonight. Part one of "The Eclipse" episode has Arthur sending Sylar and Elle after the cheerleader. But more importantly, this is the week that lovable geeks Seth Green and Breckin Meyer guest star as a couple of comic-book nerds with all the answers. Heroes is on NBC at 9 PM. Heroes Behind The Scenes Seth and Breckin:

Heroes Clip:

Heroes Clip:

Heroes Promo:

Heroes Promo:

It's Slater time! This week on My Own Worst Enemy Edward desperately tries to solve the mystery of his parents' murder. Will we find out the truth, before the show ends and never comes back? The episode "High Crimes And Turducken" is on 10 PM on NBC. Movies: Learn how the Christian Bale Batman was born with Nolan's first bat-movie. Batman Begins is on FX at 10:30 PM. Also saddle up for a Star Wars prequel marathon on the Spike channel starting at 5 PM and continuing on into the next day. Tuesday: Our prayers are getting answered this week on Fringe: it sounds like "The Dreamscape" is a Peter-centric episode. Also Olivia tries to dip back into the memories of her dead ex-boyfriend, but who cares? Peter's gonna rough some people up and show us what he's capable of. Fringe is on Fox at 9 PM. Fringe Promo:

Movies: Watch the world end with snow and tornadoes a plenty on The Day After Tomorrow which airs on Fox FX at 7:30 PM. Wednesday: More murders are coming in on Pushing Daisies for our adorable investigators to solve. This week a millionaire gets the axe and the finger points to a Robin Hood-like character. Catch the new episode on ABC at 8 PM. Pushing Daisies Promo:

No Knight Rider this week. Movies: It's not a holiday without a little Doc and Michael J. Fox. Back To The Future is on Encore at 3:40 PM. Thursday: No new Smallville this week. No new Supernatural this week. No new Life On Mars this week. No new Eleventh Hour. Movies: Stuff yourself with holiday treats, then settle in for a massive Planet of The Apes marathon over at the Fox Movie Channel. Four days of Apey goodness starting at 8 PM and going all the way through Sunday. The highlights include (presented in widescreen) Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and a few TV Ape movies like Treachery and Greed on the Planet of the Apes and Farewell to the Planet of the Apes. But wait we're not done yet! On the Sci Fi Channel you've got a bushel of James Bond at 6:30 and 11 PM watch Tomorrow Never Dies and at 9 PM The World Is Not Enough. The Incredibles, everyones favorite family of superheroes is on NBC at 8 PM. Friday: Ahsoka is under attack on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and she has to fight with Luminara to protect their prisoner Nute Gunray. Fight, baby Jedi, fight! Clone Wars Promo:

No new Stargate Atlantis No new Sanctuary No new Ben 10 Movies: Go ahead and use those leftover mashed potatoes to build your own alien landing pad and watch Close Encounters Of The Third Kind on AMC at 5 PM. Saturday: Movies: More end-of-the-world madness, but this time Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck ride a rocket to meet an oncoming asteroid that aims to destroy the world, in Armageddon on Fox FX at 6 PM. Put on your red PJs and do the spidey dance — the first Maguire Spider-Man movie is on TNT at 10:30 PM. Sunday: Movies: Learn the real truth behind the things that go bump in the night with Will Smith and the secret government officials called the Men In Black on 12 PM on TBS.