Can Overly Indie Adam Balance His Voyager Space Probe Obsession With His Love Life?

We've overlooked this aggressively indie romantic comedy Adam, until now. Hugh Dancy plays the space-obsessed Adam, who's afflicted with asperger syndrome and trying to find love with a girl who is not Zooey Deschanel.

The feature, directed by Max Mayer, barely straddles the fence between "sweet little film" and "tired indie fodder being peddled with new actors." I'm hopeful for something new although playing the cutesy "When You Love Somebody" by the Fruit Bats isn't helping its case for being something outside of the old indie box.


That said, I'm enjoying his little obsession with the Voyager Space Probe, and here's hoping there are a lot more space illustrations and constellation charts in the feature. We're rooting for Adam, what can I say? I'm a sucker for a boy who will show up at my door in a space suit. Oh and I think Voyager II is an A-OK topic for lunchtime chatter.


Corpore Metal

The trouble I have with these nerdly romantic comedies is that the actors are much better dressed and better looking then us real nerds. Hard to suspend disbelief over this.

Also, I've yet to see a good movie about nerds that don't lose their virginity until they are into their thirties. The sexual dysfunctions alone would give you at least an hour's worth comedy right there.