Can Luke Goss Fill David Carradine's Frankenstein Mask?

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Before there were Jason Statham and his back abs, David Carradine played the masked driving menace Frankenstein. Now, it's Luke Goss' turn to bring Frank back to life, in the Death Race prequel Frankenstein Lives. But is he Frank material?


Movie Hole reports that super quick movie fighter Luke Goss will be staring as Frankenstein in the direct-to-DVD Death Race prequel, Death Race : Frankenstein Lives

He will be playing Luke, "the right-hand man for a notorious mobster, [who] is busted for killing a cop in the process of robbing a bank. Once behind the bars of Terminal Island, the confident newcomer is roped into entering the 'big race' by its green-eyed producer."


So yes, it's not the first ever Frank, but it continues the new film's theory about the masked living legend. After one Frank impersonator dies, another steps in to fill his shoes behind the mask, drive his car, and kill a lot of people all so the prison can make more money televising its Death Race show.

With the addition of Goss, one can only assume that there will be plenty of hand-to-hand off track fighting. Should be interesting to see if he loses his accent — we're betting not.

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I really like Luke Goss, but I'm still not sure I'd see this film.