Illustration for article titled Can Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald Save The emJem/em Movie?

If anyone can save this High School Musical-looking Jem movie, it's actual rock star Juliette Lewis. Thank goodness she's joined the cast. This movie needs some actual badassery in it. Also, 80s icon Molly Ringwald.


Deadline is reporting that Lewis has been cast in a "secret supporting" role. Look I'm just going to say this. If she's not Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor, leader of the Misfits, guitarist and head vocalist, I WILL BURN DOWN THIS FUCKING BLOCK.

The end.

Also, THR has announced that Molly Ringwald will also be joining the cast. Our guess? It's Showtime Synergy! Can you imagine her with purple hair? Wonderful.

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