Watch People On Gluten-free Diets Try To Explain What Gluten Is

Gluten-free diets may be all the rage these days, but how much do people really know about gluten? Jimmy Kimmel recently sent a camera crew to a popular exercise spot in Los Angeles to find out — and you can probably imagine the results.


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Can I PLEASE for FUCK'S SAKE, get some sympathy from my fellow-I09ers for living in the Deep South Wasteland known as Southern California? Unless you live here you really have NO IDEA how willfully and cheerfully ignorant people are. Like, there's this whole monied-class of people who don't seem to have jobs and have college degrees, but have no critical thinking skills whatsoever. For every young-earth creationist on the right there are ten "Liberal" GMO-fearing, vibe-believing, orgone-buying, homeopathic-using, dolphin-worshipping, world-class fuckheads here in the beach cities. I tried to find a science event around here on a social site to meet like-minded science enthusiasts and I found: Christian Science, Scientology, Kaballah, Naturopathy, and the healing arts. No science. It's awful. It's just awful. I have to be here for work, and it's just awful. For several years the yoga pants made up for the awful, but not anymore. Awful.