Can Hitler's Brain Save Musical Theater?

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Proving that anything can be a musical, They Saved Hitler's Brain is going to join Spider-Man and Toxic Avenger on the New York stage. It's the work of Napoleon Dynamite producer Chris Wyatt and his buddy Mark Altman, who have teamed up with Crown International, releasers of the original film. Luckily, this tale of South American Nazi scientists trying to preserve the Fuhrer's cortex is in the hands of Jon and Al Kaplan, who already wrote stage musical versions of Silence Of The Lambs and 24 season two. (Of the Lambs musical, the press notes said, "The production transforms the film's dialogue into a full-scale musical, complete with singing serial killers, unprintable titles, and a chorus of tap-dancing lambs") [Broadway World]


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... wait. what?


it can go head to head with "the producers" for hilteriffic entertainment.

i am fully expecting to see "GHOSTBUSTERS: THE MUSICAL" on broadway any time soon. it's got all the right ingredients: built-in retro appeal, huge sfx budget, etc.

i have heard excerpts from the "silence of the lambs" musical. it's as WHAT THE FUCK as you would expect.

now, "batboy: the musical" is, in all seriousness, FRACKIN AWESOME. but i digress.