Can Game Of Thrones Be Explained By Science?

Joe Hanson of PBS' ongoing series It's Okay To Be Smart. decided to find out of science could explain the world of Game of Thrones, from its lengthy seasons to its geography to dragons to milk of the poppy. The answer: ...uh, sometimes?


I think "magic" would be the answer to these issues more times than Hanson is comfortable with, but it's still a fun exercise. Also, this video is totally worth it for deciding the planet upon which Westeros rests is named Hodor. Let's all pray to the great god Grrm that this becomes official sooner rather than later.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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Hit Bull Win Steak

Do we know that The Wall is entirely made of ice? I haven't read the books, so if that's been said in the books then forgive me. If not, I would assume they'd have built an actual wall out of rock and over time it just got coated with many layers of snow and ice.