Can Danny Boyle Save James Bond From His Quantum Disappointment?

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Now this is a rumor I can get behind. Is Oscar winning director Danny Boyle next in line to direct a Bond movie? If not, he sure as hell should be.

British tabloid The Sun is reporting Boyle's lined up to direct Bond's next outing. So let's take this all with a grain of salt as they were once touting Eddie Murphy as the Riddler.

And Bond chief Barbara Broccoli, who now heads the huge 007 franchise at EON Productions, is leading the chase for his [Boyle's] services.


It's no surprise that Hollywood would be banging down Boyle's door after the Slumdog Millionaire Oscar sweep, but we hope he actually considers making the next Bond. First off, Boyle knows how to film an edge-of-your-seat chase scene, so he could come up with a sequence to rival Casino Royale's construction scaling action shot (optimistically speaking). But besides being masterful at the art of action, the man knows that the weight of a good story is always in the characters, which was the part that the most recent Bond, Quantum, bungled and abused with its shaky cam tactics and disjointed plot lines.

And before all of you start hollering at me for disliking Quantum of Solace, I would just like to say I'm in good company. It was a miserable film, and I, for one, want Danny Boyle to save me from a repeat experience.

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I thoroughly enjoyed QoS. It was a great continuation of Casino Royale. Sure, it could have been better, but so could Casino Royale. Either way you slice it, both were infinitely superior to the past forty-odd years of truly cringe-worthy 007 movies.