Can Abrams Claim Victory Over Whedon?

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Does the successful first weekend of Star Trek (and news of Fringe being picked up for a second season) coinciding with Dollhouse's last episode have some deeper significance? Maybe so, some would argue...


Reviewing the new Trek movie for website Shiny Shelf, critic and Doctor Who novelist Lance Parkin suggests that the timing of the events has more meaning than we may think:

Abrams has long been the guy that actually does all the things Joss Whedon's fans only imagine their guy does - that Abrams launched a 'Star Trek' movie that'll outgross all the 'TNG' movies put together, saw its sequel greenlit and 'Fringe' renewed all on the very same Friday that 'Dollhouse' finally died in a ditch settles it, we can declare a winner and all move on.


I admit, I'm pretty convinced - I even said something similar last October - but I can't help but feel that Parkin's way of putting it (and especially his take on the entirely coincidental timing of Trek's success) sure seems like fightin' talk. What say you people?

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But I really don't think you can compare the two — I like both of them for completely different reasons.

Whedon does fun pop culture commentary, Abrams does twisty conspiracies. A victory for one (I.E. Star Trek) doesn't mean a loss for the other.