A new play opening in Seattle, Interlace [Falling Star], dares to ask the hard science fictional questions. Like, what do you do when you wake up inside an unending tower with no memory, and the world is about to end? The play follows a young lass stripped of her memory who wakes up in the lobby of the United Association of Interdimensionary Travelers. With the help of a cute gynoid named Trickle, a superhero called The Amazing Dr. X and Satan (?), she tries to uncover her mysterious past without causing destruction to the time space continuum whose damage put her there in the first place.

The director and writer, Scotto Moore, is better known for his webseries Cherub - The Vampire With Bunny Slippers. But he says that this play is more of a "serious turn" for him. He's bringing on Jen Moon, who played Charity Case in "CHERUB," as Andrea Change, the lost amnesiac. The author quotes Philip K Dick's works as inspiration along with scrappy of low-budget sci-fi television. The play promises a scifi journey that touches on "love, loss and redemption." The play takes place in the United Association of Interdimensionary Travelers headquarters, which just happens to be and infinitely tall building located in the center of the multiverse. I'd love to see that set. Scotto said:

One of the driving ideas for me was that fringe theatre shouldn't shy away from epic science fiction or fantasy; we're doing a very DIY production, pulling it off with a minuscule budget, an avant garde set design, beautiful original sound and music, and twelve very talented actors to tell a sprawling tale.


And we completely agree. There isn't enough theater out there with robots and Satan. The show runs from August 1 through the 30th at Seattle's Annex Theatre.

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