On Monday night's superhero soap opera Heroes, something astonishing happened. The series' new showrunner Bryan Fuller wrote the episode, and it felt like a mutant with storytelling superpowers saved the day. Spoilers ahead!

I'm not letting this show off the hook yet - just because Monday's "Cold Snap" had moments of awesome does not mean Heroes is necessarily saved. But it's hard not to get a little excited when you see a scene like this one, where Ice Tracy saves Rebel Micah with her freezy powers. Yes, Micah is back! His voice has changed, his cuteness would give Harry Potter a run for his money, and let's hope we're not seeing the last of him. As many of us predicted, Micah was Rebel - the mystery mutant who has been helping our heroes evade capture by feeding them help via text, computer, and any other techie device that happens to be around.


Too bad his attempt to rescue Tracy went so wrong. She made a deal with double-agent HRG to lead the shock troops to Rebel, not realizing that Rebel was her clone Nikki's kid. So she grew a conscience and sacrificed herself for the rebellion, which was totally Star Wars of her. Meanwhile, HRG didn't get Rebel, which may hinder his ongoing efforts to ingratiate himself with The Hunter, the scary little white dude who leads the shock troops in their mutant-imprisonment operation.

We do get a chance to see the new mutant prison in this episode, by the way, and the orange jumpsuits have all been replaced with a Coma-like hospital where all the mutants just lie on gurneys and suck up drugs that keep them zonked. Even Speedy Daphne is there, dying of sepsis from her gunshot wound, but Parkman and Suresh rescue her and bring her to the hospital. For some reason Tracy awakens Parkman and Suresh on her way out of the prison after Rebel helps her escape (HRG allows the escape to happen so he can track her to Rebel).


It seems like Fuller was feeling a little rebooty with this episode, and so some of the dialogue gave us recaps on past action as if he was basically telegraphing to us: Here is the stuff I'm salvaging from the past season. Among the salvaged plot lines are of course Micah's, but also Parkman's relationship with his hot, ultra-successful ex-wife; HRG's secret connection to Mama Petrelli and Peter; and (thankfully) Hiro's power.

Rebel sends Hiro and Ando on a quest that is almost entirely free of "funny Asian antics" (thank you, Fuller!). They're to rescue Matt Parkman's baby, also mysteriously named Matt Parkman even though he's the child of Matt's ex who sort of hates him and never told him about their kid. Turns out Mini Matt is some kind of magical "on switch," who can turn on TVs and annoying kids' toys - and when Ando amplifies the on switch power, he gets a giant burst of electricity. But actually the on switch goes beyond that, because drooly Mini Matt also manages to turn on Hiro's power to stop time as well. Which was great, because (A) Hiro has power again and (B) he and Ando and Mini Matt escape from the shock troops and Matt's ex-wife. So now Hiro and Ando are on the run with Mini Matt, and Hiro is going to have to resolve his childhood issues so he can be a good surrogate parent.

Also on the list of escapees is Mama Petrelli, rescued by flying Peter from a bunch of shock troops that HRG sent after her to impress his new boyfriend The Hunter. Another guy who clearly wants to be Hunter's boyfriend is Sylar, who was totally absent from this episode but did leave Hunter a nice present in his pad. He somehow captured Creepy Puppet Guy and strung him up in Hunter's living room with a big bow on and a card that said "A gift for you." Please let Sylar and Hunter actually get it on or something. I really don't want this to be YET ANOTHER sexless daddy issue thing.

So where does that leave us? Tracy may be ready for the ice bucket, but I think we may see her again. First of all, we saw an eye open on her shattered face after Hunter shot her. But even if that was just the last twitch of a dying hero, we know that there is still one more clone of her running around somewhere. Nikki and Tracy are down, so next do we get Candy or Mandy or Micky?


Also I can't let you go without mentioning the one ultra-stinky bit in this episode when Speedy Daphne died. After Matt rescues her and takes her to the hospital, she's basically dying. So as she's slipping away he gives her a final fantasy in her brain, where they go to Paris and he flies her over the city. She realizes it's a dream, and that she's dying, and has one final request: That Matt fly her to the moon. OK, you KNOW that's going to be bad, right? So Matt zooms her up to a really cheesy moon screensaver, and they sort of float around in this dancey way in front of all these moon montages, and basically all I could think about was how awful those mini-dreads look in Daphne's hair and how I wish Matt would get back together with his hot ex-wife or maybe participate in a 4-way with Hunter, HRG, and Sylar.

But you know what? Fuller may be able to save Heroes, but I'm guessing he'll never give me the gay superhero orgy that I want. I guess that's OK.


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