Cameron Reveals All About Avatar Online

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Dying to know more about the Na'Vi, Pandora's future war or just why Sam Worthington keeps getting these plum roles? Now you can ask Avatar's James Cameron, Worthington and Zoe Saldana yourself as part of a promotional webcast this Thursday.


20th Century Fox and MTV are teaming up for a live 30-minute webcast to promote the upcoming, much-hyped movie this Thursday, which'll include Cameron, Worthington and Saldana (as well as producer Jon Landau) answering fan questions alongside showing unseen footage from the movie. The webcast will be streamed by MTV and also on the official Avatar Facebook page - yes, we know - which is where questions are to be submitted. This webcast promotes MTV's Behind The Screen documentary on Avatar, screening December 16th, which in turn promotes the movie itself, opening December 18th.

MTV sets 'Avatar' webcast [Variety]

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All of this pre-release hype, info, extended trailers, webcasts etc. make me think Cameron is worried about a poor box-office opening weekend, followed by poor performance based on word of mouth from the first weekend.