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Michel Gondry is set to direct, Seth Rogen will star, and now Cameron Diaz might be playing the leading lady? I'm not so sure about Green Hornet. The surreal superhero comedy may end up as one very unbalanced flick.


In a decision possibly aimed at pulling in more "star power" for this film, Cameron Diaz is rumored to co-star in Green Hornet, says Entertainment Weekly . Don't get me wrong — she was all but delightful in There's Something About Mary, but that ship has sailed, reached its destination and been retired to the shipping yards, as far as I'm concerned.

Could this be a turning point for her career where she plays a slightly more interesting character different from the bevvy of romcoms she's been churning out? With the way Seth Rogen is pitching it — no, probably not. She'll wear something sexy and make slapsticky one-of-the-guys jokes, as per usual. And I'll clench my teeth uncomfortably and squirm about wondering what happened to that crazy girl from Vanilla Sky?


Still, I'm clinging to the brilliance of Michel Gondry's perspective, something that never ceases to amaze me. It's really unclear how this movie will play out, and it's too early in the production process to speculate about the project's failure or success. But at least there's Gondry.

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