Cameron Crowe is making Lost the romantic comedy with Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams

Cameron Crowe's latest movie sounds like a zany romantic comedy-esque Lost, but instead of everyone dying there's a talking robot. Fingers crossed the Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams have to teach the robot about love, but then it's the ROBOT who teaches them.

Here is the completely bat-shit insane premise (according to The Hollywood Reporter):

A defense contractor (Cooper) who is overseeing a weapons satellite launch from Hawaii teams up with (and falls for) an Air Force pilot (Stone) to scuttle the launch. Mystical island forces and a talking computer also play a part. McAdams will play Cooper’s ex-girlfriend.


Mystical forces play a part. Jeeeeesus. We are so into this. Cooper and Stone are already cast in the untitled picture, and Rachel McAdams is in talks to play Cooper's ex-girlfriend. May we suggest Mickey Rourke for the smoke monster?

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