If you want to ward off evil spirits, it pays to be wield some serious firepower. Farmers in the Cambodian countryside have thusly armed their scarecrows with spectral munitions. These martial manikins were spotted by the bloggers at Asia Obscura. Here's how they describe them:

Somewhere between Siem Reap and the River of 1000 Lingas, one of the roads leads through an area where every house is guarded by a vicious scarecrow. They're not in the fields, or guarding the crops. They're keeping watch on the houses.

"It's an old superstition," said our driver. "It's nothing. It's to stop bad spirits coming inside."

One of the guards wore a motorcycle helmet, like a goon from The Road Warrior. One held out a gun, another a sword, another a bazooka.


You can see more heavily armed scarecrows at Asia Obscura. Hat tip to Andy!