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After years of warfare between humans and vampires, who thought a ceasefire was a good idea? That was our biggest question after watching footage from Priest. Instead of finishing off the vampires, the humans have put the vamps into reservations.


So we asked Cam Gigandet, who plays the frontier sheriff facing the vampire threat every day, and here's what he told us. We also got the chance to talk to Lily Collins about getting past the "damsel in distress" stereotype.

We asked Gigandet just how rough it gets on the frontier, with the constant threat of vampire attacks. How does Sheriff Hicks cope? Gigandet said:

You know, it's kind of like your average everyday... No, it's definitely different. And I think he feels a lot of responsibility to protect these people. Even though I think, deep down, he knows he doesn't have what it takes to protect them from the dangers they are potentially in.

So whose idea was it to have a truce with the vampires? Why the vampire appeasement? Here's what Gigandet told us:

Yeah. I'm not sure why they did that. Because it's that whole thing, let's try to have peace among times of war. And so, you know, it might have been a valiant effort but evil will always rise. [The Vampires] tried the chickens, and the chicken blood. But what are you going to do?

And we also got to talk to Lily Collins, who plays the young Lucy, who gets kidnapped by vampires, thus sparking the movie's rescue plot. We asked Collins how she tried to take the character beyond the usual "damsel in distress" role. And she said:

I start out as a damsel in distress [and] end up a fighter. There's pivotal moments in the film where you'll see Lucy clocking certain weapons or things, and she stores them to use up later, and she ends up turning into a fighter and taking her destiny into her own hands. So she definitely has her own thing going on at the end.

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