Calling All Expanse Fans: Your Spoiler-Filled Season 4 Discussion Zone Awaits Like a Newly-Discovered Planet

Visit Ilus, a strange and moody planet on the other side of the Ring!
Image: Amazon Studios

You may have heard us mention it a time or two, but The Expanse season four has finally touched down on Amazon Prime, much like the Rocinante on Ilus after some landing-gear adjustments. Since many io9 readers have no doubt already carved out time to binge all 10 episodes—it’s time to talk about ‘em!


We will be freely discussing spoilers, so if you haven’t gotten through season four, stop right here:

Now, let’s get into it! Big questions to get us started: How did you like binging the show all at once (with no commercials) rather than waiting week to week, and do you think it affected the pacing of the show for better or worse? Did you enjoy how the show divided itself among four (mostly) separate storylines—Ilus, Medina Station, Mars, and Earth—or do you wish one of the settings had gotten a little less airtime? What did you think of unexpected character developments like Bobbie’s (ultimately temporary) descent into the criminal underworld, or Amos’ (ultimately temporary) almost-romance? What about the new characters, like Burn Gorman’s Murtry or Lyndie Greenwood’s Doc?

Also, please weigh in on any small details that delighted you (Avasarala’s closet! The “real” Miller finally poking his head out! The sudden appearance of my favorite character, Mr. Fred Johnson!), lines that stuck with you, moments that you wanted to immediately re-watch, and anything you thought the show could’ve done differently—and share any questions you now have going into season five. Like, for instance, exactly how are Bobbie and Avasarala going to stop the illegal sale of weapons on Mars? And is Naomi going to be able to reconnect with her long-lost son before it’s too late...if it isn’t already too late?


Sound off below!

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