California Passes Bill Banning Personal Exemptions for Vaccination

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California vaccination bill SB277 has passed in the State Assembly on a 46 to 30 vote. The bill, inspired in part by the measles outbreak that began last December in Disneyland, mandates ALL schoolchildren be vaccinated, regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs, but still permits medical exemptions.

Via The San Jose Mercury News:

Because the bill was recently slightly amended in the Assembly, it must return to the Senate, its house of origin, for a final OK. After that, SB 277 would require Brown’s signature to become law.

The governor’s staff has said Brown “believes that vaccinations are profoundly important and a major public health benefit and any bill that reaches his desk will be closely considered.”

But it’s unknown whether or not Brown would allow the religious exemption to be dropped from the current bill.


Because due diligence demands we ensure the horse is really, truly dead: Vaccines save lives and halt the spread of disease. The existence of a link between vaccines and autism has been exhaustively debunked. The refusal of vaccines has helped drive US measles cases to record highs. The “personal” decision not to vaccinate can have far-reaching consequences on the health of others.


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My biggest (and really only) problem with vaccines is they make you dose your kid with a bajillion vaccines at once. They claim the body can handle it, but that’s where I have my doubts. I’d prefer to vaccinate my future kids with a few at a time, over the course of several years. Don’t overload your immune system all at once. If my kid got one of the diseases those vaccines tried to prevent (that still happens, but nobody talks about it), there’s no telling what kind of carnage would ensue.

And for the record, I’m 100% unvaccinated and haven’t infected anyone with anything. The only anti-vaxxer thing I stand by is that I will NEVER vaccinate my kids for non-communicable diseases that have cures. I will take that shit to supreme court.

For you conspiracy theorists out there, I have a hard time trusting something that gets injected into every single person in the US (and eventually the world). I’m not saying bad things are in our vaccines, but I don’t trust our government AT ALL, and honestly wouldn’t put it passed them if they put stuff in our vaccines that shouldn’t be there, for whatever reason. It just worries me that everyone is on the track to being forced to have these and that could lead to some scary shit.