California now owns a $10,000 collection of Star Wars memorabilia

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Eric Hodgson pleaded guilty this week to charges that he defrauded the California Department of Transportation out of $2 million. Among the assets seized in the settlement is Hodgson's pricy collection of Star Wars memorabilia, valued at $10,000.


The California Attorney General charged Hodgson with 22 counts of grand theft, alleging that he provided Caltrans with fraudulent invoices for print advertisements that he never actually placed in the newspaper. As part of his plea agreement, Hodgson agreed to a nine-year prison sentence, and will forfeit many of his assets, including all that Star Wars merchandise. The AG's office released a few photos of items from Hodgson's collection, including the Millennium Falcon model shown above, a model AT-AT, a three-foot-tall Yoda statue, and two lightsabers.

Now that the state owns all this loot, what should they do with it? Chances are they will auction it off with the rest of the seized property, but they could also display it in an exhibit showing all the cool stuff you can lose in a fraud conviction.


'Star Wars' collector gets prison time in Caltrans fraud [LA Times]

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5 items equaling 10,000 dollars isn't "huge"....