On July 2, a Clovis, CA family was terrorized by mysterious lights. These lights weren't from juvenile delinquents setting off M-80s, but rather a nosy UFO. The family didn't talk to local news, but reporters were on the case anyway.

Luckily, MUFON State Section Director and Field Investigator Jeffrey Gonzalez — "the only source of what could be a real mystery or what could just be a curious story" — was on the scene to record the family's testimony of the July 2 encounter. Gonzalez was also privy to their footage of cryptic cargo vans which — on July 3 — parked across the street.

Not to besmirch anyone's testimony here, but when you have undated footage from an unnamed family and no other witnesses, it's time to cover the pig-riding contest at the county fair. That's real news.


[KMPH via Examiner]