Eli Roth's very fun horror movie Cabin Fever was released in theaters just 11 years ago. And now it's getting a full reboot. Because there are no more ideas left.

Cabin Fever was so successful it inspired Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (was directed by Ti West) and Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (which will premiere on June 26th). But according to Bloody Disgusting, the fourth film in the series may be scrapped in favor of a full reboot.


Which means we'll get a whole new crop of kids, in a whole new cabin, with a whole new flesh-eating disease. Seems a bit early for a full reboot of a movie that is basically just a viral spin on the classic "kids in a cabin" horror trope. But hey when you have a good idea, let's just beat it to death until the splattered remains of your love has lost all meaning. Amirite?

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