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C3PO to Parents: If You Love Your Children, You Will Buy These Toys

Pardon me while I have a MARF (momentary age-related freakout): I saw Star Wars in the theater when it first came out—and that was thirty-one frakkin’ years ago. Holy time warp! Anyway, here’s a commercial for the first round of Star Wars toys, in which C3PO speaks (and R2D2 whistles, gleeps, and trills) at parents, reminding them how much they and their kids loved the movie, and how those kids (i.e., boys) will love these toys . . . probably all collector’s items now (if you didn’t take them out of the box, that this).


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Damn. I had the action figures, but my parents thought the vehicles and playsets were outlandish and said the figures were enough and that I should spend more time working on my homework than playing with silly dolls.

Added to this was that for some reason my mom hated Han Solo and I never got him for Xmas or Birthdays or whenever I whined and pleaded.

Unlike most of my friends, I always had the tiny guns that came with the figures because I was anal retentive like that.