C. Thomas Howell vs. Dinosaurs

Ever since C. Thomas Howell fought the commies in Red Dawn, you've been waiting for him to take on another awesome enemy. Now he gets a chance in The Land That Time Forgot, when angry dinosaurs come a-stompin.

What's the plot? I think you can guess from the trailer. Hapless people on a boat stumble upon a forgotten island where dinosaurs still roam free. But what is that U-Boat doing offshore? You'll have to rent this staight-to-DVD gem to find out.


This schlocker from the ever-awesome Asylum Pictures (of Transmorphers fame) is based on the book by early-twentieth century SF writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. And it seems only right that a pulp author like Burroughs should get B-movie treatment at the same time that his other classic novel Princess of Mars is getting the Pixar razzamatazz in Andrew Stanton's in-development John Carter of Mars.


At the time he was writing, Burroughs was the equivalent of a B-movie maker, churning out adventure tales for the explosion-loving masses. But over time his books have taken on the sheen of classics. Leave it to Asylum to remind us that pulp is pulp, whatever century it comes from.

via Undead Backbrain (thanks Avery Guerra!)

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Bad CG dinos and Nazis? My cup runneth over.