In totally awesome news, C.J. Cherryh—author of Foreigner, Downbelow Station (pictured above), and tons of other amazing books—is being named a Grandmaster by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

This honor will be bestowed upon Cherryh at the 51st annual SFWA Nebula Conference, May 12-15 in Chicago. Cherryh previously won the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and also was guest of honor at the 1998 Worldcon.


In a release, Cherryh was quoted as saying:

I never expected this. I’m honored to join the ranks of so many illustrious writers. I have a lot of books left to write, a lot of books I want to write, stories I want to tell. I thank my publishers, who keep me in print—I thank my agent, as well. I thank everybody, profoundly, who gives me the chance to do that. And I plan to keep the books coming.

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