Byzantium trailer channels that old Interview with A Vampire feeling

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It's been a long time since we've seen a vampire movie with complicated monster hierarchies, gorgeous period-piece costumes and bittersweet relationships. But Neil Jordan (writer of High Spirits and director of The Crying Game) is channeling that old Anne Rice feeling. Let's hope it works.


This movie stars the gorgeous Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton as a mother/daughter vampire pair who seek refuge in small British hotel. But their secret feeding habits won't stay hidden for long. Plus (from the looks of this trailer) there's plenty of juicy backstory to dive in. Fingers crossed this new crop of art house vampire flicks keeps living up to expectations, the way Kiss of the Damned did.


Byzantium will premiere on June 28th.

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That is no trailer for old men. The young

Women with milky arms, vamps living free

—Undying generations—at their throng

The human falls, the bloody people seas,

Man, woman, child commend eternally long

Whatever is begotten, born, not dies

Caught in that sensual embrace all infect

Bodies of unaging intellect

That aged man is but a paltry thing,

With tattered coat, he looks at young mistress

Punctures in hands she sees, and louder sings

For every life she gives mortal caress

Nor is there feeding school but studying

Documents of their own maleficence

And therefore I have surfed the net and come

To the newish trailer for “Byzantium”

O writers for io9’s sci-fi mire

As in the post’s mosaic facebook wall

Come in the fanboi’s fire, flame-war inspire

And fastened to a dying journal style

It knows not what it is, and Gawker Me-

Dia writes all topics to eternity

Once off the PC, I shall never take

My on-line form for real interacting

But such a form as leet-speak trollers make


To keep a thirteen year old sexist ape

From revealing any humanizing

To men and women seeing “Byzantium”

My full comments and slurs are yet to come.

- Apologies to W.B. Yeats