Bye-bye, Bionic Woman?

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The Bionic Woman is the latest victim of the Hollywood writer's strike—and not a minute too soon. This week's dating-and-dictators episode landed the ailing series almost at the bottom of the Nielsen ratings, a fall cushioned only by a worse performance by The CW's Gossip Girl. Will Bionic Woman return post strike?


Hard to tell, but if it does, let's hope some serious retooling takes place. Here are three suggestions: (1) a renegade Jaime Sommers goes undercover against the Berkut Group (they replaced her legs, arm, eye and ear without her consent and the resulting weapons-grade Jaime willingly does their dirty work? C'mon, woman—grow a pair!); (2) more Sarah Corvus (I know it's unlikely given Katee Sackhoff's Battlestar Galactica commitment—but SC/KS is the best thing on the show); (3) cut the home life storylines to a minimum—I want to see Jaime Sommers kicking ass, not doling out The Rules to her little sister. Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty

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