By Whose Command?

Rejoice, forward-thinking collector dorks! Diamond Select Toys has put out a Santa-worthy sampling of oh that fucking word again! reimagined Battlestar Galactica action figures. There's just one glaring omission.

There are no Adm. Adama, and no President Laura Roslin. Lee "Apollo" Adama and Starbuck, of course. Caprica Six and Adm. Cain, yes indeedy (and gods knows what fun you can have with those two after the Razor revelations!). Even Helo, Anders, and Chief Tyrol, for frak's sake! But no Colonian leadership, unless you count the appallingly cheesy and louche bust of Baltar, which of course isn't an action figure, but then again neither is James Callis, and that's why we heart him. It wasn't always this way! Back in the Glen A. Larsen era, command of the ragtag Colonial fleet was ably represented by Lorne Greene, beautifully carved in plastic. Ebay has the proof. Based on acting chops alone, you'd have to concede the Eddie Olmos and and Mary McDonnell deserve to be immortalized at seven-inch scale.


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