By The Power Of Grayskull, The He-Man Movie Is Not Dead Yet

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Forget those rumors that the He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe movie has died due to a lack of interested directors. Latino Review is reporting that Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson is vying to sit in the director's chair atop Castle Grayskull. After the bazillions of dollars that Panda made, I think that he may actually have a chance to see this project through to the end.According to Latino Review, a long list of directors, including Doug Liman and Bryan Singer, have passed on the project and eventually Warner Brothers passed on the Silver Studios picture, much to the dismay of Mattel. But now out of the mist arises one John Stevenson, who "dazzled" the execs. Honestly Stevenson may have the sense of humor and Hollywood connections to make this happen. Panda fans are aware that it had an all-star collection of stars lining up to voice the characters. Plus, the humor is pretty cheeky, and exactly what a He-Man movie would need. I say lets make this happen, as He-Man was a huge part of my childhood and is all but forgotten these days. Bring back the shorty-short heroes of yesterday, and maybe, just maybe, this will lead to the Thundercats live action movie I desperately desire. [Latino Review]



As long as they include character of Mohlar the Eternian Dentist and make Seth Green the writer.