If we can expect nothing else from Doctor Strange, we can expect it to look absolutely incredible.


I’ve not been too impressed with what Doctor Strange has shown off so far—it felt like its idea of “goddamn weird” was different to the “goddamn weird” I wanted, what with its Inception-y folding buildings approach to magic. That feeling was alleviated a little when they released some delightfully trippy shots of Strange floating around in the mystical ether, but any doubts I had about the film’s visual approach to magic just got swept aside like the Winds of Watoomb with this new clip.


Debuting on Mashable, the sequence sees Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum fall under attack from Kaecilius’ forces and... it’s just kind of marvelous.

You’d usually expect Doctor Strange to be the sort of guy to fling bolts of magic from afar in combat, but there’s something really kinetic and intense about these fights that really works. Blending that with the wall-flipping acrobatics and rooms stretching and shortening mid-chase, there’s some bloody cool stuff going on here that I wasn’t really expecting at all. Even the humor, like one of Strange’s wards failing moments after he tried to look like a badass casting it, is well done.

All right, Mr. Strange, you’ve got my attention. Now just to wait for the movie to come out in a few weeks, on November 4.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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