Art by Carl Critchlow

We can just never have enough Conan the Barbarian in our lives. Back in January, we brought you some new Conan art from legendary fantasy artist Brom, from the new role-playing game Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of. Now there’s a Kickstarter to make the game, and we’ve got some more incredible Conan art to show you.

Art by Brom
Art by Tomas Giorello
Art by Tomas Giorello
Art by Tomas Giorello

And the makers of the Conan RPG have just announced a cross-over with Kull, King of Atlantis, with art by Justin Sweet:

There are still 10 days left to support this Kickstarter (which is already way over goal) and get some rewards n’ shit. What would Conan do? (Don’t answer that.)

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