Buzz Lightyear costume made of balloons won't last beyond infinity — or the front door

Balloon artist Jeff Wright has created an amazing Buzz Lightyear costume out of twisting balloons. But one overly rough playtime with Andy, and this Buzz might end up completely naked.


Perhaps the balloon costume isn't all that fragile, though. Wright has photos of himself in the wild with a handful of other balloon costumes. (His Mario riding Yoshi is particularly spectacular.) I'd still steer clear of Emperor Zurg's forces while wearing that inflatable suit — or even just sitting down.

But as balloon costumes go, it sure beats the trusty bunch of grapes.

Balloon Entertainment [Wright Entertainment via GeekTyrant]


Captain Tripps

My kids would shit themselves at the sight of that. Literally, it'd be pre-potty training all over again.

The sheer conflict of awesomeness and their innate, irrational fear of anything in costume larger than themselves would fry their baby brains.