Buy the Terminator's scorched cyber-arm from the original movie!

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In one of those "life imitates cyber-awesomeness" moments, an art director on the original Terminator movie rescued this cyborg arm from a special-effects explosion - just the way Cyberdyne did in T2. And now it's for sale!


This is the arm from the original T-800 Terminator model that was blown up at the end of the flick, and it was rescued from the wreckage by assistant art director Shay Austin. He kept the arm in a box of prop memorabilia, not realizing that the movie was about to become one of the most iconic SF tales of the late twentieth century. In fact, he's one of the few people who saved anything from the movie that became a franchise, and that's why this arm is so valuable that it's being auctioned off by Heritage Auction Galleries on July 17 as part of the "Signature Music & Entertainment Memorabilia Auction."

According to Suvudu:

The metal arm measures approximately 24" in length and is partially articulated. One of the fingers has separated over time due to the soft-wiring of the endoskeleton's parts, done to allow it to fragment properly during the explosion. The arm was also aged by the art department of the film to look properly scorched in the explosion.


Auction geeks are guessing the arm will probably sell for around $15,000. Last year, another T-800 arm from the original movie sold for $20,000.

via Suvudu and Heritage Auction Galleries

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