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Buy the Little Pony-Doctor Who mash-up Dr. Hooves before time gallops out

Illustration for article titled Buy the emLittle Pony-Doctor Who/em mash-up Dr. Hooves before time gallops out

There are fan-favorite characters, and then there are fan-favorite characters, just like there are fans, and there are Bronies. This is why the first ever toy of Dr. Hooves — the oh-so-official pony with the hour-glass mark on his hindquarters with the uncanny resemblance to a certain Time Lord you might have heard of — is going to sell out fast.


The figure, which will be made by Funko, is currently available for pre-order over at Hot Topic for $16.50, but given how quickly the last fan favorite pony (Derpy Hooves) sold out at SDCC last year, I give it... oh, three minutes or so before the legion of bronies floods the site, claiming all potential sales, crashing the site, or both. And then you'll need a time machine to get one, which... is actually kind of appropriate, when you think about it.

[Via MTV Geek]

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I take it that this is supposed to be Tennant's Who? Since he's not wearing a bow tie (but has one branded on his ass).