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On the episode "Punked" of the sleuthing show Castle, Nathan Fillion's mystery novelist Richard Castle investigated a steampunk society in New York City. At one point, our hero dons a retrotech arm built by crafter Thomas Willeford, who is now selling it on eBay. Explains Willeford of this piece:

Since the episode aired, people have been asking us if we're ever going to sell the arm and we've resisted until now. We're loathe to part with it but we've decided to finally sell it to one lucky fan in order to fund a new hitherto-undisclosed project [...]


Right now, it's going for ~$1,500. Buy this, throw on a beige duster and a priest's collar (for Caleb from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and parade around town as The Omniversal Multi-Fillion. Hat tip to Sarah!


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